Thanks to R2D2, my office looks squeaky clean at all times. My friend recommended their services and I have been thoroughly impressed with the quality of services they provided me with. What’s more, their services were one of the most affordable ones in the market.
Kevin Rawdon
I had a lot of difficulty in maintaining my school in a clean condition until I employed the services of R2D2. The cleaners they provided me with were extremely professional and didn’t hamper my school’s activity in any manner.
John Martin
Mr Andreev has been responsible for the cleaning and upkeep our office for in excess 14 years now. In that time, we have relocated three separate occasions and have maintained a staff at our Sydney location of in excess of 70 persons.

Mr Andreev in all that period of time has shown himself to be extremely punctual polite and always willing to attend to any additional functions that we may ask of him. The quality of his work has always been of the highest standard, and we know that if time ever comes to replace him, we would have difficulty in finding a person of his standard.

I am more than happy to supply a verbal reference at any time

David Gordon, CFO – South Pacific Vanguard Logistics Pty Ltd